Top 8 questions to ask for stress-free commercial moves

Check the credentials of the moving service provider:

· You have to ask your moving service provider some serious questions. After all, you have faith in him in expensive machinery.

· How many years have you been in the business of moving?

· How many business relocations have you carried out?

· Do you have customers references and testimonials to support your claims?

· Is it accredited to your moving company? To which and for how long associations?

· What’s the method you’re using to move? In-depth, explain it.

· Which products do you use for packaging?

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Check who is executing the shift:

You need to get acquainted with people working on your step. Should you work with educated, courteous and professional employees? It helps them to carry out the mission properly. Ask your movers if the people they hire for your move are on their regular or contract rolls? Contract workers are not expected to provide you with an enjoyable and moving experience.

Check if insurance is covered as part of the move:

· Insurance cover is responsible for accidental injuries. Hiring an insured business moving company guarantees that your products are secure.

· Ask for the type of cover they provide for insurance. Is it related to office equipment only, or does it also cover moving people?

· Find out about the insurance policy of the company with respect to items lost or damaged. What is involved in a claim process?

· Do you need to be mindful of any local laws for compliance? Discover more.

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Check how the quote is structured:

Arrange for your business to visit the site. Ask them for a quote after reviewing the transportation of goods, equipment and freight. Demand a quote that is binding. This is the legal document setting out the movement’s final cost. A binding quote defends you from additional charges found during the move.

Check how the belongings are packed:

Assess the process of packing used in your movement. High-quality plastic moving boxes or quick-set boxes are used by top commercial movers. Keep a check on the packaging material’s quality. This ensures that your goods are safe in transit.

Check the vehicles used for transport of your cargo:

Test the availability of vehicles for transport.

· How is the service provider going to move cargo from the site of origin?

· What equipment and vehicles are they going to use to move?

· A value carrier opts for moving vans with fixed hydraulic lift gates instead of trailers.

Check how furniture, office equipment, plant, and machinery will be reinstalled?

Include in your contract the reinstallation facility. Ensure that your office furniture or plant & equipment is carried out by a professional installer. It is appropriate to include additional services in the contract itself. For example: If the existing furniture on the new site has to be uninstalled, alert the moving company to the task in advance.

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Check who will supervise the move:

In order to meet budgets and deadlines, market activities need domain know-how, preparation, and precise execution. You don’t want more than your price to be your downtime, do you?

If the business moving company, along with the team of managers, delegated the job to the well-equipped project manager, then the transfer would be smooth. Follow our 8 tips to make your business move smooth and stress-free.

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